🏎️Our Roadmap

The roadmap remains flexible and subject to adjustments and expansions as needed. 🌿 πŸš€

Phase 1 - Stealth Drop and Buzz Creation:

  • Pepe Weed stealthily entered the scene, creating a buzz on social media platforms.

  • The community quickly rallied around this fresh memecoin.

  • Listing on significant exchanges was a major milestone.

Phase 2 - Community Growth and Token Holders:

  • $PEPEWEED surpassed its initial target of one thousand holders.

  • The enthusiastic community backing fueled lively debates about bull markets, price surges, and trading volumes.

Phase 3 - Ongoing Development and Beyond:

  • The journey continues with ongoing development, community engagement, and strategic partnerships.

  • Pepe Weed aims to maintain its no-tax policy, ensuring cost-effective trading experiences.

  • The intentional token burn mechanism incrementally reduces the total supply, potentially boosting the crypto’s value.

Remember, $PEPEWEED is more than just a token; it’s a movement. As the green revolution unfolds, stay tuned for exciting updates and milestones!

Disclaimer: Always comply with local laws and regulations when dealing with cryptocurrencies. πŸŒΏπŸš€

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